Don Felder - Night Owl Lyrics

Night Owl
D. Felder, J. Vitale, C. Perry

Late at night, when the sun goes down
You can see them everywhere
They're out there stalking the streets
Seekin' all the girls
You can tell by the look in their eye
The life they're livin' is pretty high
It's the lifestyle
Of the night owl

Every evening, it's partytime
Nothing can hold them back
They get supplies from a good-time doctor
Someone's illegal quack
A double play's all they need to make
Soon they're waitin' for the dam to break
It's the lifestyle
Of the nightowl
Hey, of the nightowl

There's a darkness, let me tell you
Way out there
And they wouldn't get rest to sell you
All the way, woah

In the still of the midnight hour
Hear the lonesome howl
Cool double scotch on the rocks
Tonight they're on the prowl
Just before that old sun comes up
He decides that he's had enough
Of the lifestyle
Of the night owl

Night owl...

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